You need to exercise your own due diligence to understand which platform is the best to use depending on the type of project you want to launch. Givpik is a reward and donation based crowdfunding platform.


Backing a project means shaping the future of someone somewhere. Look for a reward-crowdfunding campaign or just donate. Look for available projects and contribute bringing ideas into life.


Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. Both creators and backers are welcome.

Our mission & vision

We use the full potential of the Internet and social media to help creative minds achieve breakthroughs in their vision of a world of peace and love.

Last campaigns

  • Current 142,000.00 CFA
  • 20%
  • Backers 67
Community project of garbage collection in N’Djamena
It is a contribution to the fight against diseases-related to insalubrity (such as cholera, malaria, etc.)
  • Current 700,500.00 CFA
  • 58%
  • Backers 105
Children’ Book: Two Brothers One Dream
"The passion of my sons for football and their love for each other made me write the story of Mbappe and Jorge." Support this project to make it come to life.

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To help you get the funding you need, first ensure that you've created a worthy fundraiser. You should have a thorough description that explains [...]

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