This FAQ is for fundraisers. If you are a backer and you want to sponsor a project, just click on any of the posted ones. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete the steps.

Click on "Create a Campaign" button

You would have to fill some information on your campaign, the amount of money you want to raise, the duration of the campaign, etc. Tell the story on why you want to raise that money, also add some pictures and even a video.

Share it with friends and family

After your request has been approved by givpik administration, you will have to promote your campaign by using all the social media means available. Text your contacts and connections with link to your fundraising page.

Donations received

Basically, givpik uses Orange and MTN money as means of payment for backers based in Africa. For those out of the continent, they can use Worldremit system. Credit card and bank transfer will be considered in a near future. Nevertheless, backers can call for other means of payment’s arrangements.

How much commission does givpik charge?

givpik charges 15% commission. Actually, net commission is about 5%, when considering payments to consultants handling campaigns, promotion campaign by givpik on social media, etc. Moreover, we follow-up post-campaign operations to make them successful.

How do fundraisers get paid?

At the end of the campaign, the fundraiser receives funds collected by givpik minus its commission. If the goal has not been reached, givpik manages with fundraisers to see to what extend the project can still be partially implemented. In both cases, funds are jointly managed to meet backers expectations.